We'd love your support in improving MUD! This monorepo includes all of MUD's source code, and pull requests are always welcome. To discuss new features or changes join our Discord (opens in a new tab).

Local development setup

The following steps are only necessary if you want to contribute to MUD. To use MUD in your project, set up a new project with the MUD cli.

  1. Install go (required to build MODE): (opens in a new tab)

  2. Install the foundry toolkit (required to build and test MUD solidity packages): (opens in a new tab)

  3. Install pnpm

npm install pnpm --global
  1. Clone the MUD monorepo
git clone
  1. Install MUD dependencies and setup local environment
cd mud && pnpm install

Pull requests

MUD follows the conventional commit specification (opens in a new tab) for commit messages and PR titles. Please keep the scope of your PR small (rather open multiple small PRs than one huge PR) and follow the conventional commit spec.