Getting started

Getting started



Most projects in MUD are started by running pnpm create mud@latest <project name>, but for this tutorial we've included some initial code to get you up and running quicker. This includes React components and base TailwindCSS styles.

  1. Fork or clone from the Emojimon starter kit repo (opens in a new tab). You can use the command below.

    git clone
  2. Install the dependencies and start up the MUD services (anvil node, contracts deployer, and client).

    cd emojimon && pnpm install && pnpm dev
  3. At this point you can play the game to see the finished game. Open the game in your browser. By default the game is at http://localhost:3000 (opens in a new tab).

  4. Click the map to spawn at a specific location and move using the arrow keys. Note that on each block you can only move one space, and the block time on the anvil blockchain is one second.

  5. Now that you've seen our end goal, reset the repository to the starting snapshot (opens in a new tab).

git reset --hard start

After you do this, the game is just a green area where the map is going to be.

Code structure

Except for a few utility files, most of the code is in two packages: