5. Deploy to testnet

5. Deploy to testnet

Lattice provides a testnet you can deploy to with one-second block times (compared to the ~12 seconds of Ethereum mainnet). This is a great way to share your game with others.

We recommend reading the full deployment guide to learn more about the MUD deploy process and our testnets.

Deploy the contracts

From your packages/contracts directory, you'll run pnpm deploy:testnet to deploy them to the testnet. You may need to provide the testnet RPC URL, as well as your deployer's private key. Make sure to use the faucet to get some testnet ether!

Deploy the client

We still have a few kinks to work out in MUD to make deploying the client as easy as possible, but you can still build and deploy manually.

From your packages/client directory, you'll run pnpm build to build the client. Then, you can deploy the packages/client/dist directory to a static hosting service like Netlify (opens in a new tab) or Cloudflare Pages (opens in a new tab).

We'll be adding more deploy guides for providers like Vercel (opens in a new tab) in the near future. Stay tuned!