# multiplexer

import "command-line-arguments"

# Index

  • type Multiplexer
    • func NewMultiplexer() *Multiplexer
    • func (m *Multiplexer) Publish(msg interface)
    • func (m *Multiplexer) Start()
    • func (m *Multiplexer) Stop()
    • func (m *Multiplexer) Subscribe() chan interface
    • func (m *Multiplexer) Unsubscribe(msgChannel chan interface)

# type Multiplexer

A Multiplexer is the structure that implements sub/unsub to pipe data between channels.

type Multiplexer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

# func NewMultiplexer

func NewMultiplexer() *Multiplexer

# func (*Multiplexer) Publish

func (m *Multiplexer) Publish(msg interface{})

# func (*Multiplexer) Start

func (m *Multiplexer) Start()

# func (*Multiplexer) Stop

func (m *Multiplexer) Stop()

# func (*Multiplexer) Subscribe

func (m *Multiplexer) Subscribe() chan interface{}

# func (*Multiplexer) Unsubscribe

func (m *Multiplexer) Unsubscribe(msgChannel chan interface{})

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