🏦 DeFi-in-a-box

A tool that allows users to easily create the basics of DeFi:

  • Automated Market Maker, with a Liquidity Pool
  • Token Minter
  • Staking contract

With this setting, we can wrap the tools around a simulated constraint and have it behave like a game (think OPCraft)


  • Goal is to make as much $OG as possible
  • $OG is created: 10,000 units, no more will be created for the duration of the game
  • $OG is distributed amongst players
    • Options here: lump sum on create account, drip as they engage with application
  • All tools cost $OG to be used (minting, dex, etc)
  • By creating their own tokens and hyping them up, players trade to get more $OG
  • At the end of the pre-determined time, the player with the largest amount $OG wins