🐾 Crypters

Digital creatures that live and require interaction to survive (crypto tamagotchi)

The amount of verbs attached to the creatures depend on the time and the capacity to develop the verbs and the required interfaces

  • Each creature is unique
    • Unique visuals reflect unique traits

Creatures have behaviour and require interaction.

Creatures can perform a series of actions by themselves or from user interaction

  • Feed, Pet, Play, Sleep, Teach, Exercise, Hit, Breed, Fetch

Creatures can die or enter a dormant state if basic interactions are not performed

Creatures have different timers and reactions to verbs depending on the traits they have

Creatures have gauges that are affected by the actions:

  • Hunger (up from Feed, down from everything else)
  • Energy (up from Sleep, down from everything else)

Specific behaviour is triggered on thresholds (Full / Starving ; Exhausted / Energetic)

Other gauges can be created (Fun, Knowledge, etc)