🤑 Coin war

Trying to get all the monies

  • Goal is to get the most $MONEY
  • Every player (wallet) starts with 10,000 of their own coin
  • They can exchange the coins with other players for their own coin
  • Every cycle (n blocks) 2 $MONEY are created
    • One transferred to the wallet with the most diverse collection of coins (if a tie, than the largest amount of coins)
    • One transferred to the wallet(s) with least diverse collection of coins. In this case, the $MONEY gets split amongst wallets that are in the same state
  • If wallet gets empty it is dead and cannot receive any coin. Maybe a wallet with only one coin

Why onchain?

  • It's all about the shilling and pushing your coin to someone else
  • The coins that are created by the players have no value, only the one that is truly scarce
  • Lots of open space for sybil attack, collusion and gaming the system